You can’t be everywhere at once

Ever search for a company online and discover a Facebook page that has been inactive for months? Yeah, that’s appealing … and, unfortunately, common.

Social media can be a tough safe to crack. Everyone is doing it and everyone is doing it differently. What is the right way? What is the right platform?

Well, there are many right ways and many appropriate platforms; the trick is to know your audience and your goals. Are you trying to network, promote or share information? YouTube may be better for promoting, while Facebook is the go-to platform for strict networking.

A little dated, but in my opinion, oober useful (yes … I made that word up… so?), 60 Second Marketer’s article, “Top 52 Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Know,” offers the entire breakdown of what platforms are best for accomplishing different goals.

Fifty-two! Yes, the list is expansive, but that is the point. Don’t waste your company’s time by approaching social media with an omnipresent attitude. You can’t be everywhere and communicate your values and brand effectively. Specialize. Limit your company to one or two platforms and do them well.

The second key to success using social media is to know how platforms are being used and by whom?  

For instance, did you know that the fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 age bracket? Or, that millions of Facebook users access Facebook using only their mobile devices?

Fast Company offers those and other startling statistics that might make you rethink your current approach. 


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