The subjectiveness of objectives

Objective: to wow readers with an interesting blog article and write something read-worthy. 

Now, was that really necessary? You already knew I wrote this with the intention of someone reading it and being humored, enlightened or otherwise intrigued. Granted, it’s different than including an objective on a resume, but it is the same concept. I am drained from all of the conflicting dialogue from career counselors and professionals on whether an objective is standard or outdated. 

Prof. A: “Oh, you really should include an objective; otherwise, how do I know what you want?”

Dr. M: “Why on Earth did you put an objective there? I know you want a job already.”

Ms. J: “It’s nice, but where is your objective telling me about yourself.”

Mr. D: “Well, you can make room for the rest of your experience section by deleting this useless objective line.” 

I am curious to know others’ views on this matter. Professionals? Job seekers? Please, enlighten me. 


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