Drones: not the kind that spy on you, the kind that deliver your packages

Why wait a whole day for a package when you could get it thirty minutes from now?
According to Amazon, that’s the future of online shopping. All I see is a far-fetched dream that fixes a nonexistent problem. In a society filled with paranoia over the already drone-filled sky, Amazon thinks they are going to get approval for thousands of tiny helicopters to fly over the nation?
I think not. That’s not to say something similar will never exist; however, I don’t think society is ready for this technology just yet.
Most articles quote the FAA hurdles; they don’t even consider other unintended consequences of the tech: the potentials for hacking into the GPS systems and stealing packages, for other companies to follow suit with drones of their own, the increase in Amazon factories (the drones only currently have a 10-mile capability), the list goes on …
You have to admit, though, the thought of getting your package in 30 minutes is pretty neat. 🙂


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