Tips everyone could use

I come across these all the time as a student, as I would guess you do. Everyone claims to have the best tips for “surviving college,” and usually there are at least a few of value. This is the first one I have actually come across where I can see myself using all of these.  

A few from BuzzFeed:

  1. Incentive studying
  1. Stronger WiFi signal
  1. Folding clothes to save space

There are many more at BuzzFeed


2 thoughts on “Tips everyone could use

  1. These are always interesting to read. Especially with finals and the end of the semester coming up in the next three weeks, college students find comfort in any tips to ease the pain and stress of studying as well as everyday life tips. I’m going to try the gummy bear one.


  2. I feel like the incentive studying would not work and it would just leave me with a stomach ache and an empty of gummy bears…also tears

    i totally tried that shirt thing though, it also helps in figuring out what shirts you never wear, because i literally only did this once and there are still some shirts i have yet to use lol


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