Taking offense to offense being taken

In the latest of PR stunts, a California-based sleep aid company has recently attracted a lot of attention for their billboard ad. The ad (as shown) depicts a real life couple, a military man and Muslim woman, and says “#betogether.”

There are several articles out there covering it (nationally) and most all are editorial; I can see why. The company says its goal is to evoke discussion surrounding stereotypes and misconceptions. People that are concerned by it (to put it mildly) have arguments ranging from military disrespect to it has nothing to do with snoring.

Now for my editorial: I fail to see the “disrespect” towards servicemen and women. What I see is a blatant disrespect for those with cultural difference and “non-traditional” couples. The only people I feel that are being offended by the campaign are those with closed minds.

Ragan covered the story, as did Huffington Post and others. Both cite versions of the same thing; regardless of the outlet, I would encourage reading to find out what the company has to say. Personally, I think it’s legitimate and an example of effective public relations (people are talking aren’t they? And, just read some of the comments below the stories).

You’re thoughts?


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