Contaminated chicken is not being recalled


Photo by Rich Pedroncelli, Associated Press

I went to my freezer yesterday to pull out a package of chicken breast I bought from King Soopers the other day thinking I was going to make a delicious spinach artichoke casserole. Fortunately, my boyfriend saw what I was doing and informed me that the news said that there had been a case of chicken being contaminated with a deadly strain of salmonella. I thought the chances of me having a package of chicken from that factory in that state were slim to none, but what the heck, I looked it up anyway. 

I felt pretty good about checking when I saw that the numbers on my package of chicken matched the exact numbers of the packages that were found to be contaminated by the CDC. It’s from the manufacturer Foster Farms and here’s the kicker: it’s not even being recalled! The company says “just cook it thoroughly.” A deadly strain! Anyhow, let’s not get into bad PR practices. 

Some stores are taking it upon themselves to recall the chicken. Find out if your store offers a refund and, more importantly, if you have what could possibly be contaminated meat at I would also recommend signing up for recall updates at

Other really good resources for recall information: FDA, CDC, & HHS


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