Reminisce your way to a job

It’s very coincidental that I found this article on Ragan today about storytelling during interviews, seeing as how I was just talking to someone yesterday about how I was hired on to my last job. I am a media intern for the Colorado Eagles Pro Hockey team. The thing is, at the time I was hired, I knew absolutely nothing about Hockey.

Rather, I was upfront about what I did not know and I focused on highlighting what I did know. That’s important, but equally important is how I highlighted it.

An interview is essentially an awkward first date. Neither of you know each other and the last thing you want is for someone to drone on about how they are great communicators or they can type 80 words per minute. People want storytelling. They want funny, interesting tales of past failures and successes. Don’t just say “I have great attention to detail;” say, “In my previous job at blah blah, I was in charge of updating the statistics every day to reflect time allocations and company progress” or tell the funny story about the time you caught what could have been a disastrous error that your co-worker wrote on a press release before it went out to the media.

So, before your next interview, don’t just reflect on your skills, reflect on how you’ve acquired and used them in previous situations and be ready to reminisce with what will hopefully be your next employer. I would also recommend that you read the article on Ragan.


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