Procrastination station

For those of you who follow my blog or have at least noted the last few posts, you may notice a pattern: it’s no coincidence that my posts are heavily weighted towards the end of the week (for example, Sundays seem popular).

And, if you happened to read the section of the blog titled “Read Me,” you may have already put two and two together. If you haven’t, let me fill you in: I am a student blogging for a class. Although it is fun and has become quite enjoyable, I am still pressed for time like many other students (and, let’s face it, humans in general). So, like many others, I procrastinate.

Two blog posts due every Sunday = write two blogs every Sunday

I will say, it usually works out quite well for me; I do some of my best work the night before it’s due. However, if you’re not quite the same and your grades are at the mercy of your homework habits than maybe this article about beating procrastination can be of some use to you. Nicely timed too, seeing as how it’s nearing midterms for most of us …



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