Networking or Notworking? You choose.

As a journalism major, I subscribe to Ragan. It’s a website that basically compiles everything communication. While I read every single story sent to me and more through the subscription (free) and find all of them fascinating, I cannot possibly share every one of them through my blog. But, one from this week was particularly interesting and applies to everyone, especially college students. So, listen up! 

16 networking mistakes that can derail your career” is the article. At least read the bold. You don’t have to go into the nitty-gritty details of the article, but it’s short and useful. I, and I am willing to bet many of you, have only came across the opportunities I have because of networking and I continue to utilize past contacts all the time. 

A quick addition to the article from me (it wouldn’t be right for me to post this without adding my two cents): clean up your damn Facebook (and/or blog :)). No employer or professional is going to give you the time of day when they see that picture of you flipping the camera off or doing a keg stand. I once went into an interview and was told straight up that I had been Facebook stalked for the past week. I used this to my advantage (and got the job). You should use it to your advantage too. Don’t block employers from viewing your page; embrace it and use it as another resource to market yourself. 


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