Email? More like snail mail …

I usually consider the NYTimes to be a pretty reliable source; but, I cannot believe that there are actually students out there that are so oblivious to their email accounts. To sum this article of up, it basically talks about how students not only do not use email at all, but do not know HOW to use email.

The context of this is in the college setting and I think professors are getting soft in general about communication requirements. They can’t be expected to update all of these different platforms with the same information. It’s a waste of time when you could easily just tell students to check their damn emails. If you’re not familiar with email, get familiar with it. It is not going away.

The most disturbing part of the article is the part about how students find email too slow and prefer texting. Give me a break. Email is just as accessible now as texting and more formal, which is the appropriate thing for contacting professors and especially career-building contacts.

If nothing else, this article is pretty amusing; especially the quotes from students. 🙂


One thought on “Email? More like snail mail …

  1. This actually kind of sad, especially considering the various specials you can get with a student e-mail. I know for sure you can get free Amazon Prime, which is 2-day shipping for free on all products and free Amazon Instant. You can also get discounts with a student e-mail like for Apple.

    Honestly though I think that teachers shouldn’t just use e-mail to contact their students. If a teacher e-mailed me about changes to a quiz format without actually communicating that in class i would definitely be pissed. That being said e-mail is easy to check with a smart phone so people should get on that.


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