Students, don’t think you’re safe from disasters

My first year in college, a residence hall on campus caught fire and burned three dorm rooms. My second year in college, I got bed bugs and had to throw out nearly all of my belongings. My third year in college, there was a freak snow storm and a giant branch fell on top of my friend’s roof. Currently in my fourth year, I turn on the news and see students throwing buckets of water out of their dorms and being evacuated due to flooding. 

Too many students, especially those just leaving home and getting their bearings, don’t think about insuring their belongings or even about the possibility of disasters striking. But, whether you live in a dorm room, apartment, house, etc. is not of any consequence; shit happens and it’s always in your best interest to be ready. I can guarantee, those uninsured students that are being affected by the flooding around Colorado are kicking themselves for thinking they could skip the $10 monthly insurance payment and buy another case of PBR.  It’s affordable, necessary and there’s plenty of resources out there for students; hit the books and get prepared. 

NAIC offers a good breakdown of renter’s insurance and all it provides and and article on US News delves further into the statistical side of things and also has some good tips! 


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