Ramen Noodle eaters, take note!

I recently read an article on http://www.chicoer.com (which, if you ask me, has more ads than news; but, hey! isn’t that just the way these days?) that I felt was share-worthy. The article, “5 ways to find smart saving deals for college students,” makes a very good point that I (and I bet a lot of you) never considered: students need only ask to get great every-day deals and discounts.

For instance, I am willing to bet that a lot of you (and by that I mean my professor, who may very well be the only one reading this blog … Hi, Prof. Spencer!) shop Amazon. Well, Amazon apparently offers discounts to students who provide a student email!

I don’t know about you (phantom readers … ) but I am kicking myself for not knowing this sooner. I checked it out and it includes free two-day shipping, promos and deals, discounted instant streaming, etc.

Anyhow, RadioShack, Best Buy, and countless restaurants and retailers offer discounts such as these year-around that go unadvertised. Moral of the story: just ask. Flash your ID card and ask if discounts are offered, because too many companies do not advertise the fact!


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